Tonsils Surgery Thermal Welding


Tonsils Surgery Thermal Welding

It is an operation technique which leads no bleeding, operated without using lancet and is more comfortable than any other techniques. regarding both pain and recovery stages. The patient is discharged after one night stay in the hospital.

Because this method prevents bleeding during operation it also reduces the anesthesia time in large amount. Thermal Welding provides not only an important amount of comfort during operation but also eliminates the bleeding risk after the operation so that it prevents the necessity of a second operation and its toughness’.

In which cases may we need an operation?

– Having inflammatory tonsillar infection 5 times in last year or 3 times in last 2 years

– Being a diphtheria microbe carrier

– Having valvular heart disease

– Having otitis media (middle ear infection) frequently because of tonsillar and adenoid infection

If your children have such problems please consult your doctor immediately. Otherwise, it may cause tonsillar and adenoid with snoring in children, restless sleep, night sweating; and also such personality disorders like falling behind in growing and progress, aggressiveness, moodiness and learning disability.