Orthopedy and Traumatology

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Orthopedy and Traumatology

Diagnosis and treatment of breaks and traumas occurred after accidents, joint diseases, degenerative and rheumatic muscle and skeletal system diseases; and the operation of arthroscopic surgery, accident surgery and prothesis surgery are performed in our hospital’s Orthopedy and Traumatology policlinic.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Diagnostic and surgical attempts are performed without opening joints (outside) with a special device and laser technology.  We can get rapid and successful solutions in treatments of the meniscus, cartilage and ligaments injuries, complicated breaks regarding intraarticular areas, shoulder and foot ankle, knee diseases. Patients can come back their normal lives thanks to this method.

Accident Surgery

Bones breaks occurring after accidents and soft tissue injuries are treated with a disc, screw, external fixator etc.

Prothesis Surgery

Shiny and slippery joint surface become irregular condition when joints are in arthritis stage, and bones start to rub with each others. Even once hip and knee joints start calcification it may progress and it may go even worse day by day. While the loss of weight, light exercise, physical treatment, spa treatment are partly helpful, in later stages some operations may be required. Prothesis operation helps to straighten eroded bone surfaces and bone-bone friction and aches can be eliminated with metal titanium surface molding material. So health standards of the patients are increased having both moveable and painless knee and hips in this way.

C Armed Scopy

C armed scopy provides some modern operation techniques taking roentgen of breaks differentially with rotating arm system. In this way, break detection can be performed without opening joints and breaks. So, probabilities of bleeding, infection risk decreased and recovery stage gets faster.