Diagnostic Units



Gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP (biliary tract monitoring) operations for diagnosis and treatments are performed in the endoscopy unit.


It is an examination method that provides an opportunity to doctor to see inside of the food pipe, stomach and duodenum with his/her naked eye. In order to do that, a device named Gastroscope which carries a tiny camera at the top is penetrated into stomach carefully after mouth hole numbed under a smooth anesthesia. When the doctor looks through this device he/she can clearly see inside of the stomach, food pipe and duodenum. So it helps us to diagnose the diseases occurred in the upper gastrointestinal system.

While the doctor is doing this operation he/she can also diagnose a microbe which is probable to locate into the stomach by Biopsy. This operation is completely painless and patient doesn’t feel that. Name of the microbe is Helicobacter Pylori. Beside of this, all suspicious situation (tumor, ulcer etc.) is performed with biopsy. Stomach polyps ( flower like formations lying through stomach hole) can also be removed with a specially produced device during Gastroscopy, then these formations are sent to the lab for examinations.


In diagnosis the situations about food pipe like swallowing difficulties, ache and pain at the back of the chest, tasting the gastric water in mouth.

In the diagnosis of the situation about largely stomach and duodenum like a pain in upper stomach, ache, upset, nausea, vomiting, treatment-resistant anemia, weight loss because of unknown cause.

In the diagnosis of the situations about upper aerodigestive system bleeding showing itself as bleeding from mouth and vomiting as coffee grounds or black defecation.

In the diagnosis of food pipe and stomach cancer.

Gastroscopy is a reliable method in the diagnosis of infected areas, small ulcers and tumors than medicine stomach film. Beside, it is available that taking a painless biopsy by a thin device passing through the gastroscope.

Again, it is possible and available that removing tumors named polyps without surgery, removing swallowed things out from food pipe and treatment of interior bleedings by a thin device passing through the gastroscope.


It is a complete examination inside of the surface of large bowel visually and safely with a large an tubular bendable device. The device is thinner than your finger. It is used in the diagnosis of large bowel diseases, taking a biopsy and removing polyps. It can be performed without staying so many times in hospitals and feeling less disturbance.


Changes in defecation habits and some problems like bleeding signals probable troubles in large bowel and doctor can suggest performing a colonoscopy.

Beside of this Colonoscopy should be performed for circumstances as follows;

Controlling unexplained stomach ache and its symptomes,

Controlling inflammatory intestine diseases ( colitis, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis ),

Probable suspicion of tumor or polyps in the baric graphics of large bowel,

Detecting blood in stool,

Changes in defecation habits and unexplained diarrhea,

Having colon polyps or cancer before,

Having polyps and cancer background in his/her family.


It is essential that cleaning intestines before colonoscopy. In order to examine the inner surface of the large bowel, it is significant that cleaning intestine properly. Because of that, the doctor can suggest limiting fibrous foods before the operation. In addition, special solutions takable from the mouth for intestine cleaning are given by doctors. Just because so much water is lost In this period it is crucial that drinking plenty of water. (Doctor can explain intestine cleaning in detail.)


ERCP is frequently performed for diagnosis and treatment in the problems in the pancreas and biliary tract. It is also benefited for the examination of symptomes about pancreas and biliary tract or clarifying abnormal results detected in blood tests and monitoring methods ( ultrasonography or tomography . ) The most frequent purposes of ERCP are; stomach ache, icterus, loss of weight, showing the existence of stone or tumor in these organs with ultrasonography and tomography. ERCP is a method provides the examination of the pancreas and biliary tract.  It is located on the stomach and the beginning point of duodenum with a finger long bendable device through mouth way. The place on duodenum (ampulla) opening to the intestine is detected and a plastic tube is passed through the endoscope to ampulla. In this method, pancreas and biliary tract can be observed ith given contract substance.