General Surgery

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General Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of stomach and intestine diseases, hernia, anal area disease ( hemorrhoid, anal fissure, perianal fistula, anal apse etc.), liver, gal bladder and biliary tract diseases, breast diseases and thyroid (goitre) disease are performed in our hospital’s general surgery policlinic.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic non-invasive surgery method (surgery without bleeding), which showed a rapid progress in last 10-15 years, has been used in our hospital since 1993.

Conventional Surgery

All surgical operations are performed existing in the field of general surgery (goitre, hernia, hemorrhoid, stomach etc. )


Gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP (biliary tract monitoring) operations for diagnosis and treatments are performed in the endoscopy unit.

Efficient Treatment To Biliary Tract Stones With Ercp Method

Treatment of biliary tract is performed with a method named ERCP, without operation and in a very short time successfully. ERCP means; monitoring biliary tracts and pancreas duct with a special endoscope.

What is its role in the treatment?

Surgical approach to a patient who suffers from icterus has changed with the implementation of ERCP. Biliary tract stone occurred in the patient ,who experienced biliary tract operation before, can be removed without operation. Biliary tract of a patient to be operated for both biliary tract and gall bladder are cleaned endoscopically before the operation. It provides limiting this operation to only gall bladder, so it makes operation easier and also discharge time shorter. Again, the most important contribution of ERCP to surgery, it disentangles patient from an operation requirement which cannot provide a cure in some cancer types advanced stage of icterus.

Finally, ERCP is an essential part of the development in surgery named minimal invasive attempts.

Varicose Vein Surgery

The surgical operation, sclerotherapy (medicine injection into the vein) and varicose treatment with laser are performed in our hospital.