Our Mission in Nursing


Our Mission in Nursing

Nursing is an art of caring in order to meet the basic and vital needs of the patients and their relatives in an integrated approach to increase the life quality and to develop health services.

Private Ahu Hospital nurses provide to maintain the various nursing services such as; patient rights, patient safety, patient hygiene, disposal needs, nourishment, clinical process of the patient, vital signs regarding directly to patient’s health, liquid balance and psychology, within the operation of the hospital system 24 hours. He/she adopts such a duty like detecting abnormal situations in advance after continuous observation, and informing his/her superiors in case any abnormal situations. He/she helps patients whose health is impaired and to those cannot fulfill their personal requirements, in such a manner which fits human honour by protecting personal privacy.

Private Ahu Hospital Medical Personal Unit maintains their duties with modern governance and leadership understanding. All nurses try to develop the service quality of the nursing in our hospital within the professional conscious and liabilities. One of our most important liability is to create and maintain continuous education opportunities and professional developments.

Nursing service in Private Ahu Hospital adopts and aims to reach Quality in Health standards, and nursing services are carried out professionally according to international standards.

As medical services unit and all nurses of our hospital; we are here to maintain our duties according to professional values and beliefs.