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Ahu Dialysis Centre

There are,broadly speaking, two kidneys in a human body and located in the back of the body and next to lumbar vertebra. The main goal of a kidney is to generate urine. Kidney obtains the blood pumped by hearth, filters through glomerulus and generates urine. Thanks to generating urine ; it provides removing harmful substances and extra water after digesting foods. Kidneys are also participated in controlling blood pressure thanks to renin hormone, generating blood cells thanks to erythropoietin hormone and effective in bone metabolism by managing the calcium-phosphore balance. A patient who loses his/her %80-90 of kidney functions should be taken up dialysis treatment. That he/she cannot leave the place they live for patients, who has to participate dialysis treatment with a particular programme, causes not having a holiday for a while. In 2003, dialysis centre set up within Private Ahu Hospital offered a new holiday opportunity for people coming from various part of the world suffering from kidney disfunction. Ahu Dialysis Centre set up for combining holiday and treatment in this intense and tiring process in order patients to raise their morals, hosts for hundreds of local and foreign patients.

Ahu Dialysis Centre offers every opportunities to its patients including expert and kind doctors, comfortable seat convertible to bed, cable TVs watchable from the patient bed and internet access. 

Our Dialysis Centre reckons its patients’ transportation service. Our service vehicle takes our patients from their houses and brings them to the hospital then it brings them back home again.

Our Centre is such a health service which provides qualified, trustable, reachable and modern standard health services combining holiday and treatment for those has to participate dialysis treatment because of kidney disfunction. It also gives importance to patient satisfaction, rights of the patient and their relatives, meet patient and their relatives’ needs and expectations.