Ahu Hospital


Ahu Hospital

Dear Patients,
 As the first private hospital in the region, Private Ahu Hospital was established to close the gap of the needs of medical and health care, providing qualified health services to people in 1993. Our hospital, following the recent agenda and technological progress’ in the world in order to meet the increasing medical cares of the people, providing kind and debonair health services to patients and their relatives.

Our hospital provides qualified, ethical health services and being respectful to patient rights and focusing on patient satisfaction in international standards, in the light of ‘Human comes first’ motto, and adopts the aim of being the leader in the region as vision.

Our hospital develops itself and adds new services to its organization in today’s world as the needs of qualified health services rise, gives plenty of importance to true diagnosis and true treatment in order to make our patients healthy again as soon as possible. Our hospital having ‘Baby Friend Hospital’ title maintains its research and developments in order  raise awareness on families about baby care and health nutrition, and feeding babies with breast milk.

Our hospital provides qualified and exclusive health services to Marmaris and region’s people, local and foreign guests with full-equipped operation rooms, delivery rooms, intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care units, advanced technology monitoring units, polyclinics, 24 hours servicing full-equipped emergency service and ambulances.