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Heart Lab


Continous observation of EKG and recording the results in particular frequencies while patient exercises and burden on hearth increase gradually. It is used in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise should be performed on a ‘Treadmill’ for a particular time and tempo.


It is a mobile device which separates normal tension and tension caused by stress like white coat syndrome by measuring tension in sleep and daily life. It also tests real tension heights.


It is the method used in the diagnosis of arrhythmia by observing pulse record for 24 hours. This method includes carrying a device like a mobile phone for 24 hours and examining the results taken from this device after 24 hours.


Echocardiography is a method monitoring and observing hearth and blood flowing inside of the hearth thanks to using echocardiography ultrasonic waves. Briefly, echocardiography means combining of eco and hearth ultrasonography. It is the most available non-invasive (painless), not a disturbing  method which monitors structural and functional malfunctions of the hearth. It is also performed as an inpatient, if required.