Check up services

Our Hospital out patient clinics are open to provide services everyday (except Sunday) between
08.30-18.00 hrs. To organise your Check Up please telephone one day before on telephone number +90 252 417 77 77 in order to organise your appointment.

Check-Up Preparation
Do not eat anything for at least 12 hours prior to investigations being carried out.
For ultrasonography urine must be retained. Please attend prior to passing urine.

Normal and Wide Range Check Up Schedule
First your blood will be taken in the Laboratory.
Ultrasonography will be carried out (when you have a full bladder).
Then you will give a urine sample to the Laboratory.

It will take between 2 – 3 hours for all your investigation results to be available. For Wide Range Check Up and Normal Check Up progammes examinations with the relevant Doctors will begin when all investigation results are available.

We have 7 separate Check Up Programmes.

As well as the Wide Range Check Up, you can just select a check-up program for your complaint.

Our Check-Up Programs

1- Normal Check Up

2- Wide Range Check Up

3- Headache Check Up

4- Breast Check Up

5- Prostate And Urological Disease Check Up

6- Cardiology Check Up

7- Menopause Check Up

All the different branch findings and results will be prepared for your report by our Medical Secretary. Your Check-Up results will be given regarding your general health. If you need additional investigations these will be given as suggestions in your report.

Wishing You Well Being…