Prostate Surgery with Plasmakinetic


Prostate Surgery with Plasmakinetic

Because open operations may have such risks as infection they do not be applied in every case. Golden Standart Treatment, which used in benign prostatic hyperplasia are the operations implemented with a closed method named as ‘TUR’. TUR operations can be carried out in different types. In TUR operations, it is entered into the urinary canal and prostate is removed by cutting to the parts using a particular energy source with especially advanced tools. The energy sources used may be monopolar or bipolar. Monopolar systems are such a system requires electric current flowing through patient’s body. But bipolar systems do not need this. Now, currently used bipolar TUR systems is Plasma Kinetic TUR system.

In this system, plasma energy sources are used and this system has numerous advantages over the classical systems. The most important of those is that not requiring electric flows. Thus, it can be preferred with trust even in the patients who have a cardiac pacemaker in order not to affect this organization. In this system, because the prostate is cut and removed rapidly and safely during the operation the operation time is lower than other methods. So it also means less bleeding and staying time in the hospital.

There is lower urinary catheter after operations.

With bipolar TUR prostate operations can be implemented and terminated without bleeding by a closed operation method.