Digital X-Ray

The GE Tempo Pro Digital X-ray device used in our Hospital is the latest system device that the company installed in our Hospital for the first time in Turkey, and is supported by artificial intelligence. Thanks to its high detector technology our Digital X-ray device, which takes the best images by using the least X-ray, […]

1.5 Tesla MRI

The 1.5 Tesla GE Explorer MRI device ushers in a new era in diagnosis with its new 18-channel flex coils, new artificial intelligence-supported software, high-resolution images in a shorter time, and new functional sequences such as diffusion applications that can be applied to the whole body. With the shortening of imaging times, patient comfort has […]

Color Doppler USG

We can examine blood flows of veins and organs with Doppler Ultrasonography method. It can be monitored that follows; arm and leg veins, veins nourishing liver, kidneys, neck veins, veins belonging to mother and fetus in pregnants, veins belonging to testicles in males, veins nourishing eyes and veining of a particular point of the body, […]

64 Slice CT Scanner

64 Slice CT Scanner is one of the most advanced monitoring devices composed of computer system and roentgen tubes. It can scan an average human body in 17 sec. from top to toe. And we can take 2d and 3d images from those scan results.

Digital Mammography

The difference of digital mammography from classical mammography is the shortage of examination time. Images can be monitored just 1 minute after scanning. The doses of radiation are lower than classical mammography and the image quality is higher. Just because microcalcification (unstable small calcification points) and small lesions can be noticed easily it makes the […]

Laparoscopic Approach

Laparoscopy * Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopic Surgery) is a leading method in last decades and can be used in the treatments of many diseases. This method has been used in general surgery, gynecology, orthopedy and urology branches in our hospital for long years.

Tonsils Surgery Thermal Welding

It is an operation technique which leads no bleeding, operated without using lancet and is more comfortable than any other techniques. regarding both pain and recovery stages. The patient is discharged after one night stay in the hospital. Because this method prevents bleeding during operation it also reduces the anesthesia time in large amount. Thermal […]

Prostate Surgery with Plasmakinetic

Because open operations may have such risks as infection they do not be applied in every case. Golden Standart Treatment, which used in benign prostatic hyperplasia are the operations implemented with a closed method named as ‘TUR’. TUR operations can be carried out in different types. In TUR operations, it is entered into the urinary […]


Better examination and exact diagnosis of cell changes in cervical by conducting a biopsy on necessary areas for women whose Colposcopy Smear test results are abnormal, is operated by colposcopy treatment. Cervical, which cannot be fully seen with naked eye in normal gynecological treatment, can be seen better and more detailed with colposcopy devices which […]

Laser Epilation

Long shot time advanced systems are used in our laser centre. Our device’s air cooling system both cause no pain for patient and also decreases the side effect such as colour change after laser operation. The device can be used for all skin types including black skins, and thin bristles because it has got 2 […]