Patient has got right to choose his/her doctor freely.

Patient has got right to be cared by a doctor who can give clinical and ethical decisions, freely without any exterior intervention.

Patient has got right to accept or refuse the advised treatment after adequate information given.

Patient has got right to expect from his/her doctor to hide all medical and private information and the privacy of these information to be respected.

Patient has got right to die with honour.

Patient has got right to accept or refuse any moral and spiritual consolation including the help of an available religious assistant.

Liabilities Of Patient

Patient; should notify the changes in his/her health, social and safety information in time.

Patient; should give full and complete information about their relatives, any other disease experienced before, any inpatient treatments taken, used pills and medicines if yes and all other information about his/her health.

Patient; should obey the rules and liabilities of the hospital he/she applied.

Patient; should obey the transportation chain determined by Ministry of Health and other social security organizations.

Patient; is expected to be in cooperation with health personal during his/her treatment, care and rehab time.

Patient; if he/she benefits from any health facilities which gives appointment services, he/she is expected to obey the appointment date and hour, and notify any changes to the relevant places.

Patient; should respect to other patients, health personals and visitors’ rights.

Patient; should compensate the loss he/she gave to the hospital equipment.

Patient; should listen to the advice about the treatment and medicines, he/she should ask if there is something unclear.

If Patient; couldn’t obey and follow the liabilities about his/her treatment he/she should inform health personal about this situation.

Patient; is expected to indicate if he/she could understand the care and after-discharge care plan.

Patient; is him/herself is responsible for the results if he/she refuses advised treatment or not obey the advice given by health personals.