In our Psychiatry Clinic; Therapies PerformedCognitive Behavioural TherapyPanic Attack TherapyObsessive Compulsive Disorder TherapyPuberty Issues TherapyExam Anxiety TherapyAnxiety Disorder TherapyDepression TherapySocial Phobias TherapyTherapy for Sexual ProblemsAddiction Therapy Treatments Performed For:Bipolar disorderSchizophreniaPsychosisDepressionSchizoaffective DisorderDementia & Alzheimer’s TreatmentRestless Legs SyndromeSleeping disorderObesity, Weight Gain, Weight LossEating disordersSupportive Approach in Stress-Related DiseasesSupportive and Primary Therapy in Pain Management


All radiological operations are performed for 7 days and 24 hours in our hospital’s radiology department. Diagnosis and treatment operations are performed with 1.5 TESLA MR, Digital Tomography, Digital Rontgen and Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography. 1.5 Tesla MR The 1.5 Tesla GE Explorer MRI device ushers in a new era in diagnosis with its new 18-channel […]

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry is the branch of science in which various tissues, secretions and fluids of the body are examined at the level of molecular structure in order to diagnose diseases, examine disease processes and distinguish them from each other.

Medical Microbiology

Medical Microbiology is a diagnostic laboratory branch and is concerned with the diagnosis of microorganisms that cause infectious diseases.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

In our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Polyclinic, patients who develop loss of movement and function after illness or injury are treated. Musculoskeletal Diseases Rehabilitation in Neurological Diseases Rehabilitation in Orthopedic Diseases Cardiac/Respiratory Rehabilitation


There are so many hormones and organs which excrete these hormones in order to keep our body healthy. Endocrinology examines disease caused by the low or high production of these hormones.

Anesthesia And Reanimation

Our hospital’s anesthesia and reanimation department are organised as being able to service all patient between operation room, intensive care unit and emergency service triangle, beside delivery room and endoscopy units. The department can apply anesthesia under every circumstance like surgical, urological, gynecological, orthopedical and neurosurgical intervention dor various examination even outside of the operation […]


Closed and open urological operations and treatments of andrology (sexual malfunction, infertility etc.), woman urology (urinary incontinence), prostate enlargement, urological oncology, kidney and urinary tract diseases are performed in our hospital’s urology policlinic. Prostate Operation With Plasma Kinetic (Tur) Because open operations may have such risks as infection they do not be applied in every […]

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Our hospital gives following services in Gynecology and delivery policlinic; pregnancy observation, infertility, menopause, cervical cancer scanning, (smear and colposcopy). Antenatal scanning tests (Scan Tests as 2, 3 and 4) are carried out, then, amniocentesis can be performed if required. Deliveries of patients coming to Gynecology service are performed (normal birth,  epidural analgesia and anesthesia […]

Eye Diseases

Diagnosis and treatments of refraction disorders, eyeglasses and contact lens application, various eye operations, cross eye and children eye diseases, neuro-ophthalmology, high eye pressure (glaucoma), retina diseases, cornea diseases are performed; and oculoplastic surgery is operated in our hospital’s Eye Disease Clinic.