DENTISTRY Cosmetic dentistry, teeth bleaching, gingiva periodontology, surgical treatment, implant, dental treatment and endodontics, prothesis and child mouth/tooth health treatments are performed in our hospital’s Dentistry Policlinic. DENTAL SURGERY Impacted tooth distraction, implant, apicoectomy, tooth extraction, alveolitis treatment are performed. APEX LOCATE: Apex measurement (detection of the length of tooth root canal) is a significant success […]

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

In our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Polyclinic, patients who develop loss of movement and function after illness or injury are treated. Musculoskeletal Diseases Rehabilitation in Neurological Diseases Rehabilitation in Orthopedic Diseases Cardiac/Respiratory Rehabilitation

Ahu Dialysis Centre

There are,broadly speaking, two kidneys in a human body and located in the back of the body and next to lumbar vertebra. The main goal of a kidney is to generate urine. Kidney obtains the blood pumped by hearth, filters through glomerulus and generates urine. Thanks to generating urine ; it provides removing harmful substances […]

Nutrition and Dietetics

NUTRITION AND DIETETICS Our Nutrition and Dietetic department services in the fields of all nutrition, company nutrition, patient nutrition, sportsman, baby, children, adults, aged, pregnant and nursing mothers, fat, thin patients and diabetes both for hospital patient and outpatients. HEALTHY LOSS OF WEIGHT Our dietitian applies for some weight-loss programmes in order to provide increasing […]

Ambulance Services

An unconscious intervention in traffic accidents, even if it is performed in good purpose, may cause the death of the patient. Important point here is delivering the patient to the hospital fast, safe and supported his/her vital indicators professionally. Arriving of an ambulance to accident scene means that a full equipped small hospital arrives the […]

Delivery Room

Tococardiograph observation of pregnants in dissertation (pain) rooms, pre-birth epidural analgesia implementation , available birth environment for normal and natural birth, baby heater table for new borns and incubators are available in our delivery room. Our delivery room services for 7 days and 24 hours with its expert doctor team, experienced obstetricians and nurses.

Operation Theatre

Ahu Private Hospital saves its reputation that suggests the most trustable hospital in the region with a technical background and monitorization opportunities, experienced doctors and team since 1993. It is crucial that where and under how anesthesia and surgical conditions patient will be operated. The most proper respond of such concerns of the patient is […]

Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit, working within the multi disciplinary approach, is organized as servicing for anesthesia and reanimation, cardiology, internal disease, surgery etc. patients. Various advanced treatment opportunities such as continuous patient monitoring system and mechanical ventilation support, hemodialysis implementation for requiring patients can be given for 24 hours in our hospital. Intensive Care Unit’s […]

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Neonatal intensive care unit has got all advanced opportunities and technologies for babies are supposed to be cared intensively with close observation and intervention with expert personal under the management of pediatry experts. Respirator supporting breathing, devices monitoring blood and oxygen balance, and hearth pulses continually and other advanced devices are used in our […]

Emergency Service

Our emergency service provides service for 24 hours and 365 days. Ambulance service services as both delivering patient to the hospital and also medical care before professional doctor intervention. From all ages of the patient can benefit from emergency service. There are some closed departments like observation room, intervention room, injection room and EKG in […]