Auditory Lab

UDIOMETRY (Hearing Test) It is the device used in the diagnosis and tracking of the loss of hearing. It is carried out in ‘Silent room’ in our Audiology Unit. TYMPANOMETRY DEVICE It is a device used in the diagnosis and tracking of the treatment of middle ear oriented diseases (middle ear liquid, middle ear infection […]


Our lab aims at giving accurate and reliable results by performing in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted quality control systems. All biochemical, microbiological, endocrinological, immunological, serological tests are performed for 7 days and 24 hours in our lab.

Heart Lab

EFFORT TEST Continous observation of EKG and recording the results in particular frequencies while patient exercises and burden on hearth increase gradually. It is used in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise should be performed on a ‘Treadmill’ for a particular time and tempo. TENSION HOLTER It is a mobile device which separates normal tension […]

Radiology Department

All radiological operations are performed for 7 days and 24 hours in our hospital’s radiology department. Diagnosis and treatment operations are performed with 1.5 TESLA MR, Digital Tomography, Digital Rontgen and Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography. 1.5 TESLA MR The 1.5 Tesla GE Explorer MRI device ushers in a new era in diagnosis with its new 18-channel […]


ENDOSCOPY Gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP (biliary tract monitoring) operations for diagnosis and treatments are performed in the endoscopy unit. WHAT IS GASTROSCOPY? It is an examination method that provides an opportunity to doctor to see inside of the food pipe, stomach and duodenum with his/her naked eye. In order to do that, a device named […]