Delivery Room

Tococardiograph observation of pregnants in dissertation (pain) rooms, pre-birth epidural analgesia implementation , available birth environment for normal and natural birth, baby heater table for new borns and incubators are available in our delivery room. Our delivery room services for 7 days and 24 hours with its expert doctor team, experienced obstetricians and nurses.

Operation Theatre

Ahu Private Hospital saves its reputation that suggests the most trustable hospital in the region with a technical background and monitorization opportunities, experienced doctors and team since 1993. It is crucial that where and under how anesthesia and surgical conditions patient will be operated. The most proper respond of such concerns of the patient is […]

Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit, working within the multi disciplinary approach, is organized as servicing for anesthesia and reanimation, cardiology, internal disease, surgery etc. patients. Various advanced treatment opportunities such as continuous patient monitoring system and mechanical ventilation support, hemodialysis implementation for requiring patients can be given for 24 hours in our hospital. Intensive Care Unit’s […]

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Neonatal intensive care unit has got all advanced opportunities and technologies for babies are supposed to be cared intensively with close observation and intervention with expert personal under the management of pediatry experts. Respirator supporting breathing, devices monitoring blood and oxygen balance, and hearth pulses continually and other advanced devices are used in our […]

Emergency Service

Our emergency service provides service for 24 hours and 365 days. Ambulance service services as both delivering patient to the hospital and also medical care before professional doctor intervention. From all ages of the patient can benefit from emergency service. There are some closed departments like observation room, intervention room, injection room and EKG in […]

1.5 Tesla MRI

The 1.5 Tesla GE Explorer MRI device ushers in a new era in diagnosis with its new 18-channel flex coils, new artificial intelligence-supported software, high-resolution images in a shorter time, and new functional sequences such as diffusion applications that can be applied to the whole body. With the shortening of imaging times, patient comfort has […]

Color Doppler USG

We can examine blood flows of veins and organs with Doppler Ultrasonography method. It can be monitored that follows; arm and leg veins, veins nourishing liver, kidneys, neck veins, veins belonging to mother and fetus in pregnants, veins belonging to testicles in males, veins nourishing eyes and veining of a particular point of the body, […]

64 Slice CT Scanner

64 Slice CT Scanner is one of the most advanced monitoring devices composed of computer system and roentgen tubes. It can scan an average human body in 17 sec. from top to toe. And we can take 2d and 3d images from those scan results.

Digital Mammography

The difference of digital mammography from classical mammography is the shortage of examination time. Images can be monitored just 1 minute after scanning. The doses of radiation are lower than classical mammography and the image quality is higher. Just because microcalcification (unstable small calcification points) and small lesions can be noticed easily it makes the […]

Laparoscopic Approach

Laparoscopy * Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopic Surgery) is a leading method in last decades and can be used in the treatments of many diseases. This method has been used in general surgery, gynecology, orthopedy and urology branches in our hospital for long years.